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Summer insect bites can “BEE” a pest

Summer is here, but what makes this year more special is that children can now visit and play in parks, lakes, beaches, and woods again. It’s a welcome change from last year. However, with this new freedom comes encounters with insects. Most insects can be a nuisance,...

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Managing playground injuries

The sun is out, the days are longer, and the playground is the place to be. While playground activities can benefit a child’s psychological and physical development as well as combat issues like childhood obesity, social anxiety, and improve interactions with others,...

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How prepared are you to handle a serious sports injury?

Sports are an easy way to get your child involved in something where they can learn new skills, create new friendships, and develop lifelong values. Playing sports is often more fun for children than the classroom because any learning or challenges are centered around...

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Are you and your kids ready for seasonal allergies?

Spring is blooming, but so is the allergy season. Allergies are caused by the body’s reaction to potentially harmful substances called “allergens,” which trigger the immune system. Allergies or allergic Rhinitis is an inflammation of the mucus membrane that lines the...

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Winter safety tips for kids

Winter can be full of fun things like, sledding and snowball fights. But it can also be dangerous for kids. Here are some winter safety tips for your little ones.

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Every parent’s guide to swimmer’s ear

Hot weather is settling in, and one of the best ways to stay cool is to chill by the pool. Kids love showing off their swimming skills. However, too much fun in the water can result in swimmer’s ear.

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